Our Student Ministry is a safe place for Middle School and High School students to make friends and see who God really is. We all have different backgrounds, life-experiences, and ideas of what God is like. Here we live out our church's mission and have fun investing in our future.

All students are welcome to our student ministry and they do not have to be a member of our church or any church. From special events to our regular gatherings, students will love this ministry.

For questions about student ministry email our Student Ministry Director, Zach and be sure to follow our Instagram to catch relevant and engaging posts for students.

Weekend Worship

We believe worship is for everyone including the next generation. Students are not only welcome in worship but they are also encouraged to serve alongside our adults and lead worship. Students can play in the band, sing in the choir, usher, and more. Check out all three of our unique worship services here.

Wednesday Night | Middle School

Mid-week during the school year we gather 6th through 8th grade students at 7:15 p.m. at the church. On Wednesday nights we have fun engaging with students and incorporate a practical, life-changing lesson out of the Bible.

We get Middle School Students outside of the church too. Sometimes we just have fun and connect on our outings while other times we do local mission work - serving our community. No matter what we are doing, we are fully present for each other. We care for each other and we have fun all in the name of Jesus!

Wednesday Night Student Ministry will resume August 21, 2019! See you there!

Sunday Night | High School

For High School students we strive to connect in meaningful ways and dive deep into life's tough questions. Pastor Doug hosts High School students at his home on Sundays at 7:00 p.m. and helps these young adults develop spiritually.

For more information on our High School student gatherings call the church office at 532-1478.


Confirmation is a class for students in 8th Grade and up. In Confirmation students will be able to ask questions and learn about being a Christ follower. Students will also have the opportunity to discover more about our denomination, the United Methodist Church. Most importantly, students will be equipped to make the decision to follow Jesus Christ and be in relationship with Him.

Confirmation is a nine month commitment and meets on Wednesdays during the school year. The class is led by Pastor Doug and each student will have a mentor from the church to help in their journey.

For more information on Confirmation email

Mission Trips and More

We give our students opportunities to serve locally as well as go on mission trips.

When we serve, we get out of our comfort zones and help students see the world in a new way. We help them understand their faith at a practical level.

Student Mission Trips happen over Summer break. Look out for information on our next mission trip.