Bible Reading Challenge | Lent 2021

This is the 40-day reading guide to Jesus' death and resurrection from Pastor Stephen Furtick's Seven-Mile Miracle. We will use this guide to help us dive into the Word over Lent. For more information on other ways to draw nearer to Jesus, visit our EASTER page.

Follow these steps as you dive into the Word of God. 

     1. Begin with prayer asking the Holy Spirit to grow your mind and your heart. Take time to give thanks for Jesus and at least one blessing you experienced yesterday.

     2. Read the text(s) listed for today and write your answer for each of the following questions. Be as specific as possible.

  • What does this text say about Jesus/God? 
  • What does this text say about my relationship with Jesus?
  • What is the application of this text for my life today?    

     3. End with prayer giving thanks for the Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom, guidance, and hope.

Download the Bible Reading Challenge Here.