We believe in Jesus and everything we do is geared toward living in relationship with Him and His Holy Spirit. That is why our mission is to leave a spiritual legacy for the next generation of Christ followers.


The focus of Communion is the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. As a result of His sacrifice we gain an abundant life now, an eternal life in heaven, and access to a relationship with God that otherwise would not be possible. Because the sacrifice is Jesus' and not ours, everyone is welcome to receive Communion at First Church. 

We serve communion at...

  • 9:00 Worship | Every Sunday
  • 10:30 Worship | First Sunday of every month
  • Saturday Worship | Saturday before the first Sunday of each month
  • Nursing Homes Friday after the first Sunday of each month


Baptism is the expression of God’s never-ending grace and our desire to live a life of holiness through the Holy Spirit and inspired by Christ Jesus.

First Church baptizes all ages (infant - adult) and in a variety of ways. We do baptisms during any of our worship gatherings and at  our Baptism at the Lake in July.

Before every baptism we ask that you have a conversation with our pastor. This allows us to really celebrate your decision and it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Through prayer we can share our thoughts, concerns, joys, and more.

One way we practice the discipline of prayer is by praying on our own and whenever we get together. We pray in worship, small groups, when we do mission work, with our children, and more.

If you would like us to pray for you, then fill out the Connect Form with your prayer.


You don't have to be a member to fit in at First Church. In fact, you can participate in all of our ministries without becoming a member. Becoming a member of First Church is a commitment you make to follow Christ and to support First Church.

Becoming a member is easy. Simply come to 'Dinner with the Pastor' and then let us recognize you in worship. To RSVP for the next dinner or for questions call the church office at 532-1478 or email

Next Steps

If you're ready to connect, take the next step, ask a question, or even if you have a prayer request, then click below and fill out our connect form.