The Peace Garden Columbarium

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:28-30

The ministry of First Church believes in leaving a spiritual legacy for all stages of life. From infant baptism to confirmation and beyond, we are here to support and guide you spiritually. The Peace Garden Columbarium offers an opportunity for us to honor those who go before us and care for their loved ones. 


The cost of an 8 by 8 niche is $3500 and a 12 by 12 niche is $4000. Not included is the cost of cremation. Arrangements for cremation should be made directly with a funeral home or cremation society.

The price includes...

  • The reservation of a niche.
  • One urn for each person inurned.
  • Engraving the niche face plate.
  • Choice of niche location.
  • Inurnment by First Church clergy or designee.
  • Opening and closing of the inurnment space. 
  • Perpetual record-keeping and maintenance. 

Columbarium niches are often less than cemetary burials. Information on those details can be provided by a funeral home. Financing options are available.


More information and commonly asked questions are below. If you would like to purchase a niche or have additional questions please contact the church at 308-532-1478.

  • An alternative to a traditional cemetery burial, this is a structure for holding urns. The First United Methodist Church Peace Garden Columbarium has 144 niches, where urns containing cremated remains are inurned. Each 8 inch by 8 inch and 12 inch by 12 inch niche has the capacity to hold at least two brass colored metal urns which are provided. The niches are sealed with engraved stone fronts showing the name and life dates of those inurned.

  • United Methodists do not have an official statement that endorses or condemns cremation. We leave this choice to individuals and families. Cremation does not interfere with a traditional United Methodist funeral.

  • The Peace Garden Columbarium is located near the southwest church entrance. This intimate space is accessible day and night, year round. It is protected by a roof that extends off the church, along with iron gates and security cameras.

  • Yes! A map of the Peace Garden Columbarium will be provided at the time of purchase/reservation and you may choose the location based on availability.

  • Only fresh flowers may be placed next to a niche at the time of  inurnment and for three days thereafter. First Church will remove flowers after three days. You are welcome to place flowers at any time after inurnment.

  • Members, or former members, affiliate members, associate members, pastors and staff of First United

    Methodist Church, their current or prior spouses or partners, their children (natural or adopted) and step-children, grandchildren, or parents may be inurned at the Columbarium. Persons that are not members, but are active in First Church, may be considered by the Board of Directors of First United Methodist Church Peace Garden and First Church clergy.

  • Urns are the receptacles into which ashes are placed. First Church recommends using the brass colored metal urn included in the price of the niche. However, another urn that may have special meaning may be used if it fits within the niche, at the discretion of First Church.

  • No valuables, trinkets or medals of any kind shall be placed in the urn or niche. The niche may be used only for the inurnment of ashes in an urn. 

  • The persons or persons’ full name(s) with month, date and years of birth and death. For an additional cost, a military service notation is available.