Peace Garden Columbarium

Check out the videos below for updates on our Peace Garden Columbarium.


Questions And Answers

As we continue our Peace Garden Project, you are invited to pray. As you pray, remember how the Holy Spirit has blessed First Church through prior campaigns.

Please consider this question in your conversation with Jesus; “Lord, what would you do through me?”

We are excited about what the Lord is about to do in us and through us so First Church can continue to reach the spiritually lost in North Platte and care for those who have experienced deep loss in their family.

  • The columbarium unit was installed in September, 2020 at a total cost of $73,585. The cost included the purchase of the columbarium unit and the construction of the foundation upon which the columbarium sits.

    Individual donations as well as funds received from the reservation of niches in the columbarium covered the cost of the columbarium and its installation. With all expenses paid, the Columbarium Team still has approximately $24,740 on hand.

  • Of course, we would like the project to be completed in as expedient a manner as possible. However, with our commitment to have funding commitments in hand before starting construction, the answer to this question really lies with the people of First Church. A second consideration is the contractor’s work schedule. We may have to wait for the contractor to have time and crew available even when we are ready to proceed.

  • The Columbarium Team will coordinate with the architect and the Trustees in clarifying the specifications of the Peace Garden Project. When those specifications have been defined, the Columbarium Team will let the architect solicit bids for the project.

    When bids are received, the Columbarium Team will make a recommendation on the selection of a contractor and the final project specifications to the Trustees. Finally, the Trustees will request approval of the Church Council.

  • We are not planning to proceed with the Peace Garden Project until we have commitments to cover the cost of the project. These commitments will include funds already received, new gifts to be received during this giving campaign, grants from other sources, as well as pledges people have made.